Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Instructions for Crackle Technique

Tear off a piece of foil and crumple it then smooth it back out. Add a layer of gesso and let dry. Add a second layer and let that dry. Apply a base color acrylic and let this dry.
Apply a layer of crackle glaze. I used McCloskey crackle glaze.( If you use this brand, be sure to shake it well before applying.)When this dries, add another layer of acrylic color and the crackles will begin to show through.
I accidentally tore a large hole in mine and added the picture behind it. These directions were from R.J.Taylor.
I love this technique and think I'm becoming addicted LOL.  Toni
P.S. be sure to use heavy weight foil because the lighter weight will tear too easily. I add a few tears to put pictures behind but not too many.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Gypsy Art Bags

These are some of my Gypsy Art Bags. I hand draw the faces and embellish them out, then attach them to a large front pocket on the art bag. I further embellish the other pockets to compliment the gypsy theme.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Attention Deficit Disorder at Work

Well here I am back after a artistic crash along with a pending computer crash.

I did survive the holidays and even began a few projects, none of which are really complete yet.
My Artdoll is almost done as is my ATC book. I bound it with my bind-it-all and love that contraption. I used my graffiti paper to cover the back and front covers.
If I were to make a new year resolution, it would be to finish a project before beginning another one. That's not going to happen.