Friday, March 24, 2006

Fiber Art Page

This did not show any of my detail work but it is fragments of fabric that is attached to a background and held with metallic thread. The face is then attached to the inside of the frame and a layer of batting is added. I could not get a good image of the back fabric I used. It is swirls of orange. Now I have to go in and add sequins and embellishments. Lots of work? OH Yeah!

This is something ya gotta love or it is waaaay to involved. She will eventually be a fiber art book.

This is a photo of my Art Satchel. I love this bag. It is spacious and the front closures stay closed with a strong velcro.

I tried to get a good close up of the art work on the straps but this camera is not my best friend.

This will be up on my website.