Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Collage

I added beeswax at the bottom right of this collage.

Back of my art box.

I collaged on my supply box that I keep drawing supplies in. This is the back side.

Bird Nest

I took a photo of a nest a bird had built and drew it out. I added a stamp to enhance it. I love adding rubber stamps to my art.

Another carved stamp

Frame Work

I bought this frame at a garage sale and added gold and olive green rub-on then burned designs in it.


Close up of a collage class I took at Art & Soul with Ann Baldwin.

Hmm, got a long, long way to go before I do this up right. Gotta start somewhere.

First Attempt

First attempt at stamp carving. Hmmmm, got a long way to go before I master this art.


I am going to try to do this in fabric pieces. Not sure how that will come out.

Fish Drawing

Clown with bird hat

I used this face on a fabric page RR I was in.

Drawing of stamp images

I think these will be cool in a daily journal to jot notes on the lines.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My granddaughter created the page on the right side for me as a gift.

This is the cover of my absolute most favorite book I've ever made. Unfortunately, it was sent as a proposal for a class and never made it home.

Collage using fabric and paper elements.

Paste paper.

Art paper. My hope is that when my journals are purchased, these pages will be written on.

Art papers in one of my journals.

This is my favorite art journal.

Circus Dreams

I love this book. This is a prototype but I hope to start another one soon and work out the mistakes.